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to kick off this new presidency…

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Bushisms: A Farewell Salute

The scramble to define the Bush Presidency is in full swing. Surely, it will continue for years to come, but being a grammar-nerd, I find this one particularly endearing.


Of Gold and Unease

Not sure, exactly how to jump back into the daily slough. Here’s a short regurgitation.

Israel positions then pounces against Palestine, killing more than 140, after Hamas launched missiles into Israel. Great. I’m sure that will put an end to the violence.

Pakistan diverts troops from its Afghan border to its Indian border, in a slower response to the accusations following the Mumbai attacks. I wonder about what the planners of the Mumbai attacks intended. Perhaps this is all part of the plan. The U.S. has continued to pressure Pakistan to pursue lawless militant groups in the Afghan-Pakistan border region, but the accusations about Pakistan’s involvement in the attacks in India have stirred hostilities between the nuclear-armed neighbors. So even though India’s prodding is about the pursuit of the attackers, who might also be in the region the U.S. wants raked, Pakistan is responding not by actually pursuing the attackers, but by further arming their border with India, presumably because of Pakistan’s umbrage with any sort of finger pointing from India. This is so asinine.

All this insecurity about the Middle East and India gave a kick (Bloomberg)to gold and crude oil prices in recent days, causing them to rise 4% and 7% respectively.

According to Ralph Preston, a commodity analyst at Heritage West Financial Inc., the doom and gloom news precipitates retreat into bullion, especially during the unprecedented low return on U.S. Treasury Notes.

What a mess.

Uh… I didn’t go anywhere.

So, due to the absurd hours I’ve put in at school, I have neglected to post here.

That’s a weak excuse, but I’ve recommitted to regularly posting here.

I was even given a bit of inspiration about my blogging from a few unlikely sources. Thanks for the encouragement.

Barack Obama: President Elect

My greatest sorrow is that dear, dear Tim Russert could not share his contagious enthusiasm and insight and excitement with us tonight. God Bless him.

McCain/Palin Election Night Twitterblog… Twogger?… Blitterog?

Live from The Biltmore of Phoenix where John McCain and Sarah Palin will
announce either their victory or defeat, unless
of course the election results become contested a la 2000. You can view the entire feed at http://twitter.com/cqreportcard/.